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"i like to be gone most of the time if i stay in one place i lose my mind im a pretty impossible person to be with"
Welcome To New York
Taylor Swift


get to know me meme [1/5] female characters: Sloan Sabbith (The Newsroom)

                                      “Why [did you set the Treasury Secretary on fire]?”

                                      “Just to show the other Cabinet Secretaries that  I  c o u l d.

"Today, the 70th day of this nightmare, some may wonder why we have yet to stop – to stop chanting, stop marching, stop occupying .
But we have not yet found peace because we do not yet know justice. Therefore we, together with our allies, will continue to occupy the streets and the American consciousness until the book is closed."

An American Horror Story: An Open Letter from Ferguson Protesters and Allies (Oct. 17)


but it’s not about race right?


Every year in September, I post my top 10 outfits according to tumblr notes (here are the 2013 and 2012 posts). This year, only last year’s number one stayed, but it dropped to the tenth position. My observation is that you guys seem to prefer darker coloured simpler outfits!
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Today’s Gender of the day is: John Marshall having a misadventure in the Library of Congress.

Stay Stay Stay (acoustic)
Taylor Swift


Taylor performing Stay Stay Stay on the b-stage 8/2/13 in Kansas City - great quality


Julia Saner, Elie Saab


it was afternoon all day, golden and crisp,
leaves falling as frequent as raindrops, fat
and drifting from the sky, an ever-cautious spiral
down. and there was the wind throwing them
into tornadoes, miniature centers of the storm…
and there was something else to say, the curls of
your hair tossing back and forth, bright red
like candy apples, cherries rotting straight off the branch,
or maybe i just meant to tell you that i was thinking
of kissing you - or maybe you were chestnut, and
you held horizons across your cheeks? the sun never
set, fires burning up the edges of the world, our only star
endlessly hanging, the breeze blowing us around it,
swinging on a cord from heaven, to heaven, to heaven.

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